New professional certificate programs are developing important skills that industry leaders are looking for today

We are proud to present 11 new professional certification programs developed by leading companies and universities around the world to develop or enhance basic career skills. With the successful launch of the Professional Certificate Program in April 2017, edX now offers 23 certificate programs from 19 partner institutions.

Professional certification programs are tailored to specific occupations and career paths and provide qualification-based training in areas where employers are now looking for the best talent. After completing a professional certification program, you can be sure that you have acquired the valuable knowledge you need to have a strong impact on an organization.

Available in exciting areas such as front-end web development, big data, Java programming and cyber security, edX Professional Certificates are supported by companies such as Microsoft, Google, GE and Staples and are recognized for their business relevance. , We also look forward to announcing a general skills program designed to help you become a successful manager, leader and communicator in all areas. Professional certificate programs help develop the skills and knowledge needed for today’s best jobs through a flexible and affordable online learning experience.

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